Convert Word to MHT with NET REST API

This short guide assists to convert Word to MHT with NET REST API. You can transform Word to MHT with C# Low Code API by using the Aspose.Words for .NET cloud SDK that supports all the rich features for processing and converting Word documents online. This code can be executed on any of the platforms such as Windows, Linux, and MAC OS.


Steps to Transform DOCX to MHTML with NET REST API

  1. Create the Configuration object and set the client secret and ID
  2. Create the WordsApi object using the Configuration object
  3. Set the names of the input and output files
  4. Read the input DOCX file and initialize the position
  5. Instantiate the ConvertDocumentRequest method using the above byte array and format
  6. Invoke the ConvertDocument method to Convert DOCX to MHTML using REST API
  7. Save the output MHTML file on the local disk

Follow these steps to change DOCX to MHTML with C# Low Code API. Instantiate the WordsApi object by setting the client ID and client secret in the Configuration object followed by loading the source Word file into an array of bytes. In the final steps call the ConvertDocument() object that takes the file stream/format and is used by the WordsApi.ConvertDocument() method for final conversion of the document.

Code to Change Word to MHT with C# REST API

This code snippet shares the mechanism to convert DOCX to MHTML with C# REST API. You can perform other operations on the source Word file by uploading it to the cloud and customizing the document before conversion to the MHTML format. The source Word file can be loaded from a database or network stream instead of loading from a local physical file on the disk.

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