Convert DOCX to MD with NET REST API

This short tutorial guides how to Convert DOCX to MD with NET REST API. Use the Aspose.Words for .NET Cloud SDK to develop DOCX to MD converter with C# REST API. You can use many other features to work with this feature by exploring the SDK and customizing the process in any of the supported platforms.


Steps to Convert DOCX to Markdown with C# Low Code API

  1. Create the Configuration object and set the client secret and ID
  2. Instantiate the WordsApi object with the defined configuration
  3. Define the input and output files
  4. Load the input DOCX file and initialize the position
  5. Instantiate the ConvertDocumentRequest method using the above byte stream and format
  6. Call the ConvertDocument method to Convert DOCX to MD using REST API
  7. Save the output MD file on the local disk

Refer to these steps to transform Word to Markdown with C# Low Code API. Create the WordsApi class object with the Configuration object having the client ID and the secret followed by reading the source HTML file into a byte array. Create the ConvertDocumentRequest object and use it in the WordsApi.ConvertDocument() method for generating the MD file from the Word file.

Code to Convert DOCX to MD with C# REST API

This code snippet provides the basis for changing DOCX to Markdown with NET REST API. You may customize the transformation by setting various parameters in the ConvertDocumentRequest() method which is set to null in this sample code. The output stream is saved to a local file however you may send it over a network or save it in the database as per your choice.

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