Remove Watermark From Word with NET REST API

This article describes how to remove watermark from Word with NET REST API. You will learn to automatically delete watermark in Word with C# Low Code API using the .NET cloud SDK. It not only shares details about removing the watermark online but also describes downloading the output file from the cloud.


Steps to Remove Water Mark from Word with C# Low Code API

  1. Create an object of the WordsApi class to delete the watermark
  2. Create an object of the DeleteWatermarkOnlineRequest class and set the destination file name
  3. Read the input file into the FileStream object to remove the watermark
  4. Call the DeleteWatermarkOnline object to eliminate the watermark
  5. Retrieve the resultant Word file from the API response using the Document.TryGetValue() method

These steps define how to remove water mark in Word with C# REST API. Commence the process by creating a WordsApi object and a DeleteWatermarkOnlineRequest object by providing the destination file name. Read the input Word file and invoke the DeleteWatermarkOnline method with the above request object to eliminate the watermark.

Code for Removing a Watermark from a Word Document with C# Low Code API

This code demonstrates how to remove watermark from Word document with NET REST API. While initializing the DeleteWatermarkOnlineRequest object set the load encoding, password, encrypted password, estimation file name, revision author, and date. The output file reference is shared in the response by the API that can be used to fetch the output file.

In this topic, we have learned how to delete a watermark. To add a watermark, refer to the following article: Add a watermark in Word with NET REST API.