Create a Word File with NET REST API

This topic entails the process to create a Word file with NET REST API. We will use Aspose.Words for .NET Cloud SDK to create Word DOC with C# Low Code API. Get all the details to set the development environment and follow the given steps and C# REST API Code.


Steps to Create Word Document Online with C# REST API

  1. Set Client ID and Client Secret for the API to create a Word file
  2. Instantiate an object of the WordsAPI class with your client credentials
  3. Create an object of the CreateDocumentRequest by providing the file name
  4. Create the Word document online using the CreateDocumentRequest object
  5. Download the generated file from the cloud using the WordsApi.DownloadFile() method
  6. Create a file from the downloaded file stream
  7. Save the output Word file on the local disk

The above-mentioned steps explain how to create a Word document with C# Low Code API. Commence the process by initializing the WordsApi object using the ClientSecret and ClientId, creating the CreateDocumentRequest with the file name, and finally creating the document. Once the file is created, use the WordsApi.DownloadFile() method to download the file from the cloud to your local disk.

Code to Create Word Document with C# Low Code API

This sample code exhibits the process to create Word file online with NET REST API. The CreateDocumentRequest() has multiple optional parameters that can be provided while creating the object such as folder, storage, and file name. This file name is used for downloading the file from the cloud by using the DownloadFile method.

In this topic, we have learned how to create a DOC with NET REST API. If you are looking to convert the DOC file to a PDF, refer to the article on convert DOC to PDF with NET REST API.