Convert DOCX to PDF with NET REST API

This tutorial guides on how to convert DOCX to PDF with NET REST API. You will learn using the .NET Cloud SDK to transform DOCX to PDF with C# Low Code API by following the detailed steps and sample code. You will also learn various customizations that can be applied during the conversion process.


Steps to Change DOCX to PDF with C# REST API

  1. Set Client ID and Client Secret for the API in the Configuration class object
  2. Instantiate an instance of the WordsAPI class using the Configuration object
  3. Set the input DOCX and output PDF files
  4. Read input DOCX file into a FileStream object
  5. Instantiate the ConvertDocumentRequest object with the FileStream and output format
  6. Invoke the ConvertDocument method using the ConvertDocumentRequest object
  7. Save the output PDF file on the local disk

The aforementioned steps transform the file type from DOCX to PDF with C# Low Code API. In the beginning, initialize the configuration and use it for creating the WordsApi class object. Finally, read the input file into FileStream and create the ConvertDocumentRequest class object that is further used for performing the conversion using the ConvertDocument() method.

Code to Convert DOCX File to PDF with NET REST API

This sample code demonstrates the conversion of DOCX file to PDF with C# REST API. It is not necessary to create the Configuration object first as you may create the WordsApi object directly by providing the Client ID and Client secret in the constructor. You may customize the conversion process by setting various arguments in the ConvertDocumentRequest constructor that are set to null by default in this sample code.

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