Convert DOCX to JPG with NET REST API

This short tutorial describes how to convert DOCX to JPG with NET REST API. Invoke the Aspose.Words for C# Cloud SDK to develop a converter to change DOCX to JPG with C# REST API. Follow the steps and sample code for the online transformation for free at any platform of your choice supporting this SDK.


Steps to Convert DOCX File to JPG with C# Low Code API

  1. Instantiate the Configuration class object and set the Client ID and Secret
  2. Instantiate the WordsAPI object using the custom configuration
  3. Set the input and output file names
  4. Load the input DOCX file to a file stream
  5. Instantiate the ConvertDocumentRequest object and set the file stream
  6. Invoke the ConvertDocument function using the ConvertDocumentRequest instance
  7. Save the output JPG file on the local disk

The above steps explain the process of changing the file format from docx to jpeg with C# Low Code API. This process requires the client ID/secret to instantiate the Configuration object to initialize the WordsApi object. In the next step, read the source DOCX file into the file stream and call the ConvertDocument() method using the read file stream before saving the output JPG file on the local disk.

Code to Convert Word DOCX to JPG with NET REST API

Use this sample code to turn DOCX into JPG with C# REST API on any operating system like macOS, Linux, or Windows for developing a no-code or low-code application. You may try other API calls like the WordsApi.RenderParagraph() with RenderParagraphRequest to render a specific paragraph in the desired format.

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