Convert DOC to XPS with NET REST API

This short tutorial describes the process to convert DOC to XPS with NET REST API. We will use Aspose.Words for .NET Cloud SDK for exporting a Word DOC file to an XPS file. If you want to develop a Word DOC to XPS converter with C# Low Code API, follow the steps given in this article and try the feature using the running sample code.


Steps to Convert Word DOC to XPS with C# Low Code API

  1. Set Client ID and Client Secret for the API to convert DOC to XPS
  2. Instantiate the WordsAPI class instance with client credentials
  3. Specify input and output files
  4. Read input DOC file and upload to cloud storage
  5. Call the ConvertDocument method to Convert DOC to XPS using REST API
  6. Save the output XPS file on the local disk

The aforementioned steps ensure a smooth DOCX to XPS conversion using REST API. The process will commence by using Aspose.Words for .NET REST SDK and creating an instance of the WordsApi by providing the lent identifier and secret values for the subscription. The source Word file will be accessed from the disk and by using the ConvertDocument() method, Word to XPS conversion will be performed in the cloud and XPS file will be returned that can be saved on the disk.

Code for DOC to XPS Conversion with NET REST API

This sample code provides the basis for developing a Word document to XPS converter with C# REST API. You can set additional parameters during the conversion process such as the path to the output document, and output file name. This feature of DOC to XPS conversion can be used with any no code or low code apps on any operating system supporting this SDK.

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