Convert PDF to BMP with NET REST API

This short tutorial shows you how to convert PDF to BMP with NET REST API in the cloud. To convert PDF file to BMP with C# Low Code API, we’re using Aspose.PDF for C# Cloud SDK. This task can be accomplished by using this code sample along with the steps given.


Steps to Convert PDF to Bitmap with C# Low Code API

  1. Set Client ID and Client Secret for the API
  2. Create an object of the PdfApi class with client credentials
  3. Specify input and output files
  4. Read the input PDF file and upload it to a cloud storage
  5. Call the PutPageConvertToBmp method for the specified page number to Convert PDF to BMP with net REST API
  6. Download and Save the output BMP file on the local disk

Code to Convert PDF to BMP Format with C# Low Code API

The above code snippet enables you to convert PDF to Bitmap file with C# REST API. You merely need to input a PDF file with the help of the Aspose.PDF REST API SDK for C# and download the output BMP file to save it locally by using the Aspose conversion API online.

This PDF to BMP Conversion feature could be exercised with any no code or low code apps on any platform.

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