Convert BMP to JPEG with NET REST API

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to convert BMP to JPEG with NET REST API. We will develop a BMP to JPEG converter with C# Low Code API by adhering to the detailed and lucid steps mentioned in the following section. The developed application can be integrated with any .NET application supported in Windows, Linux, or macOS environments and conversion can be done for free.


Steps to Convert BMP to JPG with NET REST API

  1. Set the Client ID and Client Secret for the API to convert BMP to JPEG
  2. Create an instance of ImagingAPI class with client credentials to perform BMP to JPG conversion
  3. Specify the source BMP and output JPEG file names
  4. Read the source BMP file and upload it to cloud storage
  5. Create an instance of the ConvertImageRequest with input file stream and output JPEG format
  6. Call the ConvertImage method to convert BMP to JPG with NET REST API
  7. Save the output JPEG file on the local disk with the returned response stream

The steps above transform the file type from BMP to JPEG with C# Low Code API. We will begin with the initialization of the configuration of the SDK by creating the ImagingAPI class object. We will then access the source BMP file using a FileStream and create the ConvertImageRequest class object that is further used for performing the conversion to a JPEG using the ConvertImage() method.

Code for BMP to JPG Conversion in NET Low Code API

The above code empowers you to convert BMP to JPEG with C# Cloud API. You just need to supply a BMP file with the help of the Aspose.Imaging REST API SDK and download the output JPG file to save it locally. You can also customize the conversion process by setting various arguments during the ConvertImageRequest object that are set to null by default in this sample code.

In this topic, we have learned to transform BMP to JPEG with Cloud API. If you are interested in performing BMP to PDF conversion, refer to the article on how to Convert BMP to PDF with NET REST API.